I did a search on this term to look for some inspiration and found this recent article from Reliving MBA Days that does a great job reviewing the basics of marketing. In the digital marketing mix, the 4 Ps are the same, but the approach is different. You can use amarketing automationplatform to align your marketing and sales teams to ensure they’re working more efficiently towards a common goal. Sales and marketing are closely linked but they cover very distinct activities in your business. On the other hand, unless you’re a multinational corporation with a practically unlimited budget and resources, it’s not possible to tacklealldifferent forms of marketing either. Email marketing– Sending regular email communications to users who have signed up to your list to build relationships and drive sales. Companies that think that a million dollars in sexist, promotional advertising, logos splashed everywhere, grumpy employees, and aggressive sales people are simply lost.

Attracting customers is about connecting with them based on what they care about. Accelerating their buying is about anticipating their buying process needs and feeding them the right information at the right time in the way they need it. I think of marketing as two simple things, perhaps not so simple.


Know your customer so well that you can make yourself attractive to be found by them and then accelerate their buying process for selecting you. This is an excellent primer on the value marketing brings. As you mentioned with a backdrop of economic uncertainty, there is a credibility gap found among non marketers. Their view at times, is limited to a small number of marketing produced assets without appreciating the overall contributions of marketing.

Marketing can impact the brand in a positive or negative way. Marketing can help create a positive brand experience by having positive, helpful, and empathetic conversations with their customers. I believe that too many of us lose sight of that commitment, and that is why I think that in many businesses, marketing is broken. They show potential customers that they are interested in solving real problems.

Theyactuallycare and they prove it in the way they act. They genuinely seek to help their customer to improve their lives through their content, their expertise, their passion and, if they are lucky, through the stuff they sell.

Scale your content and start showing Content Marketing ROI today. It is interesting to look at this question, becasue as a marketing person, you may ask this question many times to yourself. and also want to expain to you boss, this is marketing, not brochure, not PR, not…. So marketing needs to become an engine of customer need fulfillment. I view B2C marketing as selling minus the personal relationships because what you sell doesn’t have the margins and profits that enable a direct sales person to sell for you. Pepsi can’t afford to send a person to every house and sell.

At best, sales or marketing is the emotional, functional, and aspirational experience that offers solution to my need where, when, and how I want it. The classic sales continuum starts with “awareness” and journeys to “advocacy”. Some of the steps have been considered more “marketing” and others more sales. But this may not hold as true today as in the past. I would argue that in many industries targeting, and all of the decisions that flow from that, are more important for justifying the marketing group than branding, communications and lead generation. The challenge with today’s customer centric marketing is the need to address markets of one.

The brands who win more customers are the ones who put their customers ahead of their desire to sell more stuff. There are several types and sub-types of marketing, digital and offline. You should determine and pursue the ones that work best for you. Let’s face it, to the average business person, marketing equals promotion.